It happened on one of the hottest days on the island. A small rescuer from his tower checked whether everything was in order on its territory, and then he did not believe his eyes. This has not been for the whole time of his work. A great wave carried the dolphin to the sand burning in the midday sun. What to do? Quickly remembering what was taught in the school of beach rescuers, what to do in such cases — to collect all the essentials in a backpack, it is necessary to grab a rope and a bucket.

The second rescuer on the island was a small elephant. Clambering to his back, they rushed to the aid of the poor dolphin. First of all, our rescuers began to water the dolphin with water. Baby from a bucket, and a baby elephant from a trunk. Then they took the rope, wrapped the dolphin and elephant dragged it back to the input. The dolphin was heavy, but the elephant coped and the wave carried the dolphin back to the sea. And our rescuers went further, to check what happened on the other side of the island. «How good it is to start the day with a good deed!» They thought.

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